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Class 7 Math Book Bangla Version Pdf Download (Final 2022)




wordFeb. 14, 2013 | by Rachel Heron, USA TODAY NEW YORK -- The health care law that President Obama signed into law Friday has become a major political issue again, with Republicans pushing to repeal the measure and Democrats defending it as improving access to health care. "A lot of people think this law is a big deal," says Andrea Brewer, who works for the conservative American Family Association. But health care isn't the most important issue in the election, Brewer says. "It's still income inequality, jobs, and the economy," she says. According to Gallup, the percentage of Americans who support the health care law has dropped from 70% in December, the first month it was enacted, to just 55% in March. It's not the law itself, Brewer says. "It's all the laws that are coming down," she says, "and people just don't like the fact that they're taking their hard-earned money and going to give it to somebody else." Brewer says that she was never really a fan of the health care law, because she sees it as just a transfer of wealth from people who have little money to those who have more. "It's a handout," she says. As for the rising popularity of the Affordable Care Act, Brewer is skeptical. "I think a lot of people are trying to justify it to themselves that it's good," she says. On the other side of the country, in San Francisco, health care is on the mind of 6-year-old Olivia Chavez. "I hate it because it's taking away all my health insurance," she says. Olivia's mother, Tracy Chavez, says the insurance her family had before the law took effect last January wasn't enough. "It was pretty bad," she says. "We had a deductible. We were paying out of pocket." Olivia's dad, Eric Chavez, 28, says she doesn't know what she will do without the insurance. "I was trying to hold off on the new one until the kids are 18 and I'm supposed to be retired," he says, "but I'm not going to have that option anymore." Like in San Francisco, health care has become a major issue in many states, and the Koch brothers -- Charles and David -- are spending millions to back Republican candidates who oppose the health




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Class 7 Math Book Bangla Version Pdf Download (Final 2022)

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