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About The Nomadic Love Mission

The Nomadic Love Mission is a mission to spread love throughout the hardest to reach peoples and communities. This may be due to accessibility, social injustice, or a variety of other reasons. This site will keep our partners up-to-date on all the latest details, along with videos and blog postings. We want to have a relationship with all of our supporters, giving a rich and fulfilling experience as we all walk alongside God.
The mission is funded entirely through the generosity and love of our "extend our reach" partners in the faith. Thus, all of the nitty-gritty details will be given to all of you who have chosen to walk with us and make this extension of God's love possible. With your backbone of love, prayer, and support, our relationship with you all will grow as time progresses. Moreover, you will allow us to traverse some of the most dangerous areas of the world in order to see the extent of God's love to the ends of the earth. Therefore, I am encouraged by all of your love, and I hope that this mission encourages faith in you all!

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Meet The Team

If you have questions about either of us please reach out and ask them. We are an open book to our partners. However, some information will be withheld from people we do not know and are not partnered with us. This is due to security concerns because of the high-risk mission environments.

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No person to small and no place to vast 

Questions, contact us at any time!



  • US Navy

  • Pilot Fixed Wing (CFI / Commercial)

  • Dive Master / Master Diver

  • 100 Ton Merchant Marine Credential (Captain)

  • TCCC Emergency Medical Training 

  • Skydive C License 

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice

  • Prior Missionary YWAM / Central America / Mexico / USA

  • Expert Land Navigator

  • Bushcraft living / Survival 

  • etc. 



  • US Navy

  • Lead Climber

  • Dive Master / Master Diver

  • Merchant Marine Credential (Captain)

  • Wilderness EMT

  • Skydive B License 

  • Expert Land Navigator

  • Bushcraft living / Survival 

  • Off-Road Mobility Expert

  • etc.

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